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The UK’s Best Value Redundancy Cover

Redundancy Cover protects you and your family should you become redundant or be unable to work.

Redundancy Cover protects you and your family should you receive compulsory redundancy, or be unable to work due to accident or illness (subject to policy conditions).

  • Pays your mortgage for up to 6 months
  • Benefit paid from 30 days off work
  • Cover guaranteed up to age 65
  • Protected 24 Hours a day (at home at work at play)
  • Cover starts 30 days after issue of policy

Redundancy Cover Benefits

Redundancy Cover protects you from loss of income, due to redundancy or being unable to work. Redundancy insurance protection also gives great peace of mind, knowing that you will still have an income that pays the mortgages and household bills, should you be become laid off or be unable to continue working. If you wish, it can also include illness cover and hospital cash benefits.